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This year we have some great speakers for you all three days.

Melissa Sargent

Wisconsin State Assembly, 48th Assembly District

Melissa has served as PTO President of Gompers Elementary School. She has been a member of the Friends of Cherokee Marsh, Friends of Lake View Hill, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, NARAL, Wisconsin Business Alliance, River Alliance, Wild Warner, and Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue. Melissa was also a founding member of MRFY, an advocacy group for homeless, unaccompanied youth. Melissa was elected to the Dane County Board of Supervisors in 2010 and re-elected in 2012. In 2012 Sargent was appointed to be Chairwoman of the Dane County Health and Human Needs Committee In November 2012, Sargent was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly representing the 48th Assembly district by winning 83% of the vote. Sargent is a Democrat.

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Chris Taylor

State Representative for the 76th Assembly District

Representative Chris Taylor was first elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in a special election to fill Dane County Executive Joe Parisi’s Assembly seat in 2011. She was later redistricted into the 76th Assembly District which includes downtown Madison, the near-eastside of Madison and part of UW-Madison. Chris lives in Madison’s near eastside with her husband, Jim, and their two young sons, Sam and Ben.

Prior to serving in the State Assembly, Chris was the policy and political director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. A 1990 graduate of Pennsylvania University and a 1995 graduate of UW Law, Representative Taylor champions the rights of working families, women, children, and other basic human and civil rights in the State Legislature. She was the lead author of legislation that was the first in the nation to create an independent process for investigating officer-involved shootings. This session she also passed legislation this session that creates an address confidentiality program for victims of domestic abuse, stalking and trafficking. She was the lead Assembly author of legislation legalizing medical marijuana.

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Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk Edibles

In 2011, he won the High Times Medical Edibles Cup with his Key Lime Cheesecake - as well as the Michigan Edibles Cannabis Cup of 2011 with his sugar-free Buckeye. In 2012, Kirk went to Seattle, WA and competed in the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for Edibles and won his second High Times 1st place trophy for his sugar-free Buckeye & Gingerbread Cake Truffle. In 2014 Captain Kirk won the Michigan “Best of The Best” 1st place Award with his Key Lime Cheesecake. Also in 2014, Captain Kirk won 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup for his “Lime in the Coconut”. Captain brought home the 2nd place trophy for his Truffles Tropicales at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015. His famous Key Lime Cheesecake brought home a 3rd place Cannabis Cup in 2016 as well as earning him Metro Times Detroit award for Best Edible.

Captain Kirk has a Bachelor's Degree in mass communication from East Central University of Oklahoma. He is also a certified teacher for Oaksterdam University; a member of Americans for Safe Access an advocate for Cannabis for over 30 years and the founder of Dab-O-Ween, a totally free event for patients to come together and celebrate. Kirk helped open the first dispensary in Michigan which is still open today and is credited with offering the very first medicated edibles to the public on the east coast.
Image: Captain Kirk @ the Boston Freedom Rally 2016

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Phil Anderson

Libertarian Party of Wisconsin

Phil Anderson is running for the United States Senate, representing Wisconsin. Phil is currently the President of the Libertarian Party of Dane County, Chair of Wisconsin for Johnson/Weld 2016, Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, and state coordinator for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus. Phil is also the general manager of Green Cab of Madison and the broker-owner of Silver Compass Realty. He lives in Fitchburg with his wife and family. For further information about the campaign, contact Phil Anderson at (608) 345-3916 or at Phil@4PhilAnderson.org.

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Trevor James Sand

Medical Marijuana Patient

Trevor is a Legal Patient that gets Dronabinol, and has an Oregon Medical Marijuana card through the "Ben Mazel Project". Trevor also served and protected his country for 8 years in the Army! NOW, he's standing up for "YOUR RIGHTS!"

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Nate Petreman


Nate has been involved for almost 20 years at the grassroots level of legalization activism. He works directly with local and state elected officials, is the head of Madison NORML and is deeply involved with patients and activists across the state and country. He works tirelessly to end the injustice of the War on Drugs and abuses of the Constitution.

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Jacki Rickert

Is My Medicine Legal Yet

For years, Jacki Rickert has been asking, "Is My Medicine Legal YET?" Jacki suffers from two painful and debilitating conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Advanced Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and was fully approved for participation in the U.S. Government's Compassionate Use Investigative New Drug (I.N.D.) Program in at the federal level in May 1990, and by the state of Wisconsin in December 1990. But the government violated its contract and never delivered the 300 marijuana cigarettes per month as they promised. 8 surviving patients grandfathered into the program are still receiving supplies of U.S. marijuana today. Jacki has continued her fight for the medicine that works best for her. She has visited Washington DC numerous times to lobby Congress.

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Eric Finch

Attorney and Activist

Eric Finch is a Madison attorney and activist. An unrepentant millennial, Eric wants to modernize a wide range of laws and policies, and that includes halting the failed drug war. In addition to working in software and politics after law school, Eric ran his own law firm in Washington State before relocating to Madison in 2014. While his Washington State practice primarily focused on real estate, business, and non-profit advising, Eric occasionally had clients with marijuana-related legal concerns. Advising clients in the changing legal climate provided a unique look into the process of implementing recreational use and how legal changes affected people, from farmers to medical users. This fall, in addition to helping decent people get elected across the country, Eric is launching a weekly political podcast.

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Dan Goldman

NYC executive director of leGAYize

Dan Goldman is one of the founding members of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the only person to have attended every national conference. He previously served as a Board member of SSDP while still an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also created the first SSDP regional conference, and later was part of the first class of non-student Board members, after graduating in 2001. In 2005, Dan joined the staff of SSDP as Director of Outreach and Alumni, and traveled around Canada in 2006, developing the network of Canadian SSDP chapters. Honored with the Grace Under Fire award for his work in Goose Creek, SC in 2003 and the “Lifetime” Achievement Award in 2007 for his nearly decade of service to the organization. Today, he carries on this important work as the Executive Director of leGAYlize It! the only LGBT specific group dedicated to ending the drug war. He is also Communications Director for the New York Cannabis Alliance

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Paul Stanford

President at THCF Medical Clinics / Presto Quality Care

Entrepreneur with expertise in hemp & cannabis. Business and nonprofit management. Primary author of the Cannabis Tax Act legislation and working for over 30 years for hemp and cannabis legalization. Founder & president of USA's largest medical marijuana clinics with doctors helping patients get their states' permit to legally possess, use & grow herb; over 150,000 patients helped in 12 states. Proficient in Mandarin Chinese/ Putonghua/ Beijinghua. Arranged financing and bank letters of credit for import/export of cargo container shipments of hemp products to and from Asia, Europe and North America. Expert court witness on marijuana and medicinal cannabis. Produced and hosted over 500 episodes of live TV programs. Produced and announced radio shows and advertising. Sales of tangibles and intangibles. Licensed securities issuer-salesperson. Author of articles published in magazines and books. Award winning cannabis cultivator. Associate producer and actor of a dramatic film, The Green Goddess. Will only plan and work on win-win scenarios. Continually striving for self actualization.

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Dennis Brennan

The Ben Masel Project

The BEN MASEL PROJECT proposes to help potential medical marijuana applicants receive a medical marijuana card from the state of Oregon. The project is a social research and economic study to collect and document the procedures, costs, benefits and difficulties of Wisconsinites obtaining a medical marijuana card.

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Farmer Bill

Hemp Nebraska

Farmer Bill Hawkins is an organic farmer, herbalist and wildcrafter. He has been a longtime environmental activist involved in a variety of local sustainable community and agriculture issues. He lives in a tipi on a farm in Nebraska. As part of HEMPNEBRASKA and the Cannabis movement in Nebraska, he has been out spoken for the need to end the 75 years of prohibition and persecution!

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Casey Grady

Cannabis Advocate

A resident of Middleton, WI and has been a Wisconsinite for his entire life. Casey started volunteering for and attending Madison NORML meetings in January 2012. He was sick of seeing all the people suffering from not having a natural form of medication, being punished unfairly by our out of date justice system, and not having Wisconsin take part of the opportunities that the cannabis plant can offer. Casey was able to rid himself of a heroin addiction of five years by using cannabis and having proper rehabilitation and support nearly nine years ago now. Casey's mother passed away from lung cancer this last December, without even having cannabis as a possible treatment. Casey fights everyday for the legalization of cannabis. What will you do?

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Melissa Sargent, -@ Harvest Fest 2013